The COEC is for many the major connection people have to their home country and its traditions, language and culture. We are committed to sustaining these ties, especially for the younger generation. At the same time we are also committed to helping Oromo People integrate smoothly into American Society.

Important as these purposes are, however, they are not sufficient reason for being for our congregation. We need to get beyond our immediate needs to express our commitment to the global mission of the church, including community service, world hunger and ministry through our partners and other bodies.

Although we have an immediate responsibility to provide welcome and assistance to Oromo people who continue to seek refuge from persecution, we are also part of larger mission, one rooted in the Great Commission to "Go into the world and make disciples of all nations."

This purpose is expressed through the following ministries:

  • Spiritual Nurture: to care for the spiritual growth of every member
  • Worship, Education and Media: to plan and carry out meaningful worship
  • Deacons: to assist the pastor and provide help and counsel to those in need
  • Sunday School for Children and Adults: to involve everyone in learning
  • Gospel Outreach: to equip members to witness to those without hope
  • Music and Choral: to support the choirs and develop the music ministry
  • Social Concerns: to respond to those in need in the community and the world
  • Women: to train women for involvement in family, church and community
  • Youth: to nurture spiritual growth and engagement in the cause of justice among the young people of the community
  • Stewardship: to train leaders and develop year-round programs in biblical stewardship